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It is a truly spectacular interview. We laughed our asses off! So stay tuned to the last portion of this episode for Lindsay Mack. Sign-up for Newsletter. I got an incredible Aquarius episode for you all. Everything you ever wanted to know about Aquarius.


What does Aquarius have to do with group energies? What does the Water Bearer Mean? What does Fixed Air mean?

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What does Cosmic Air mean? What is a lower vibration Aquarius? What is a personality-centered Aquarius? What is a high vibration Aquarius? What is a soul-centered Aquarius? What is the medicine of Aquarius season? But more so than that, this episode is great for learning about transits!

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When she publicly came out. Exciting discoveries!

Then finally, we sit down with Lynn Casper of queer music podcast homoground! Which led into an intimate discussion about gender pronouns and being queer. Sending you love blasts! Today on the show, we are doing a deep dive into the dwarf planet Chiron and how chiron can be used as the ruling planet of Virgo. We also talk about Chiron Retrograde in Aries heading back for Pisces, and how that is effecting us all this virgo season.

Then, we are honor the life of legendary spiritual leader and musician Alice Coltrane, who through her life and work, gave us some high vibe Virgo service devotion. We look at her Neptune in Virgo, and how that really shaped her offerings as a teacher and musician. We also explore her Chiron in Gemini in the 10th house and how that is balancing her Sagittarius North Node, creating a bridge between Detroit gospel music and more traditional music of India. What an honor to look at her life! And then finally, to round off this deep-felt reverent earthy episode off, we sit down with the incredible tarot therapist and ritualistic, Tatianna Tarot.

And then a few ittle updates and announcements from me I am leading a week astrological immersion both online and in-person. If you are interested in a deep dive into astrology, soul-centered astrology, and wanting to better understand the cycle of evolution, by carving out time each week, then this gathering is for you. Starts October 1 and goes until December Click Here to find out more. And as I sat down to write out some notes from this show, a bird flew in the window of my home.

I talk about this, and how it's a message for us all this Gemini Season. There's a mini-gemini meditation, and we talk about how to work with this energy over the coming month. I am hosting an Astro Soul Retreat this July To learn more about that, click here. I launched my p atreon account. If you enjoy your time listening to this show, please consider donating.

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And I could definitely use the support. I also offer astrology readings. Check it out. And get into the Queen of Gemini on instagram, by following the insta for this show cosmic. Hey cousins! Welcome back to another week of soul-centered astrology. So Happy New Year! Happy Equinox! And Happy Aries Season. We talk about Aquarius's connection to the nervous system, to technology. First, we will be honoring composer and singer-songwriter Carole King by looking at her life and work, and how it is an incredible reflection of Aquarius, through the lens of her famous song, "You've Got a Friend.

We also look into the Angel Numbers 71 and 29 that have very synchronistically appeared during our "Queen of Aquarius" tournament. I hope you enjoy! This week on the show we talk about Mercury Retrograde and how that is a complimentary energy to Pisces Season. Then, enjoy a meditation for embodied health the Pisces New Moon. Vincent Millay, and Lupita Nyongo.

Capricorn energy is connected to father and the patriarchal line.

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  5. So today on the show, we are going to be honoring father through a guided meditation for inner-father healing. We also explore the importance of the polarity between Earth and Water by looking towards the polar signs Capricorn and Cancer. This week's episode is shorter than normal as I am transitioning back from my cross-country road trip, so thank you for your very Capricorn-like patience.

    We should be back to normal episodes starting next week. Sending you all love during this Eclipse Season. Take sweet care cousins, and remember We have an exciting and jam packed episode for you this week.

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    First enjoy a meditation for embodied health. In this meditation, we talk about Aquarius's connection to joints and the ankle, as well as holding space for feeling as connected to friendship and humanity at large. Aquarius is really a fascinating sign when it comes to planetary rulership, because it is co-ruled by two planets.

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    Saturn, the planet of authority and commitment, and Uranus the planet of revolution and change. And we will look to both of their charts to see how Uranus and Saturn are activating. And we also have an incredible high-vibe Aquarius on the show today, Erin Smith of Vardo Tarot , who with a flash of inspiration conceptualized a tarot sanctuary on wheels, which is a tarot van that travels around to different areas in Los Angeles, California.

    In our conversation, we talk the Star card in the tarot and its connection to Aquarius, as well as the King of Swords, and the Ace of Swords. We also talk about the Queen of the Zodiac of course, and she also shares that Aquarius is most likely to go to a Libra for advice, to find out why tune into the end of the show.

    Hey Cosmic Cousins! This week on the show we dive deep into the Gemini-Sagittarius polarity. And we use all of this to feel into the invitation for this Sagittarius Full Moon. Leo Rising. During this portion we talk about the connection Gemini-Scorpio hold with one another.

    Also, did you know Alanis has a podcast of her own?

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    And then finally, I am so stoked for the person we have on the show today, we have the incredible astrology expert Debra Silverman. You can check out the Gemini one here. Follow her on IG. Kundalini teacher and acupuncturist Amanbir. Amanbir travels the world teaching and also has made an album inspired from his travels Sagittarius is connected to world travel. Follow him on IG. And Anthony Lopez, an incredible actor whose performance work is tied to his occult and esoteric practices.

    Then, we crown one of these women Queen! Get ready to go even deeper than before. And now I am feeling so ready to dive in, with more of a focus on the Esoteric, mystical, and moon-based side of astrology. To reflect that, this will now be a bi-monthly podcast, released on both New and Full Moons. Then, to round out this Mutable Personal Air episode, we are graced with reflection of the great folk-singing oracle, Double Gemini, Jewel! One of my childhood favorites! I hope you enjoy New Moon Blessings! Starts June 10 Sign-up for Newsletter.

    I mention in this episode that I have been playing this entire album in the morning as a meditation during Libra Season, and I highly recommend it. You can purchase it on iTunes or play it on Spotify.

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    Bell hooks is a feminist author who demystifies contentious concepts and turns social justice ideology into common sense in a way that makes room for inclusion regardless of your background. Especially if you consider Libra as passive. These three powerhouse women bring us a hardrock fierce punk energy to Libra.