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Mercury may still be rewinding, but he returns to your zodiac sign this week, and one plan that may have stalled can start to gather momentum.

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In fact, the first half of this week can see you make significant progress on something that is important to you. Perhaps the most surprising thing about this week however Aries, is that someone from your past could make discreet contact.

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The wonderful news for you Taurus is that the Sun returns back to your sign for the first time in eleven months. With your ruler Venus also forging a gorgeous link to Mars for the first half of the week, you can move from a slightly more reflective mindset into a much more go getting and outgoing one, and feel a real sense of momentum start to build up. Some new starts beckon. A friend you've not heard from recently can get in touch and it can please you to have this contact.

Getting greater clarity about the key links in your life is going to be vital as you enter an important period of reappraisal. Yet the great news is that your physical vitality is given a significant boost, as the bustling energy of Mars arrives in your sign for six super weeks.

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If you're attending an interview or doing a presentation in the first half of this week, you can come across in a very persuasive and impressive way that can gain respect and admiration. What you shouldn't do however, is try too hard. Let those in the know develop a natural impression of your capabilities. Your social world can step up several gears, with a surprise meeting too. If a professional or work situation seems somewhat frustrating, try to keep the faith. Indeed, doing more research could prove quite revealing, and what you learn can help to guide your way forwards.

People are going to be interested in what you have to say and what you have to offer, but you may feel that there are some new skills that you need to develop to help the process. Your ruler continues to rotate backwards, and can arouse your natural curiosity when it comes to squeezing more from your budget or being more careful with your resources. If you are in a relationship, a fairer share of responsibilities and obligations between you will improve harmony.

You're set to become much more self-confident and assertive for the next six weeks too. A conversation you have in the first half of this week can be really meaningful. This can give you a sense of extra confidence about someone's intentions, or the feeling that they are well attuned to what you have to say and your feelings. This is a nice state of affairs. A more passionate side of your nature is set to be aroused in general now, and one area that can inspire you is travel.

The Sun powers into your sector of relating. Your traditional ruler Mars has also been in this location for over five weeks, and this is going to help you firm up the understanding you've been gaining in that time.

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With Venus also forging a delicious link with Mars, something really special can unfold for you as far as your interactions are concerned. Charm can take you a long way. This week's Quarter Moon could see you tempted to waver on some kind of plan or even a diet. Mind, your determination around a more creative matter can be considerable.

With Mars also set to move into a more competitive area, this can see you on the front foot, taking on new challenges, but to really make the most of your opportunities, attention to detail is key. For some weeks now you've had an opportunity to be super enthusiastic about something that is important to you. But this has been tempered by more emotional and personal considerations, perhaps family ones too.

These may not be at a complete end, but now you can start to focus in a more single-minded way on what you want to achieve and having fun can be part of this. Friendships are often hugely important to you, and this week will be no different. Perhaps what's truly significant, is that a connection you make in the first half of the week can be one that lasts for a lifetime or an ongoing alliance can deepen further. With the Sun re-positioning, along with Mars and Mercury, you may find yourself wanting to play host to loved ones, Aquarius.

If there is something you want, take it.

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If there is something you hate, get rid of it. It is no good aiming for the stars if all you have to get you there is a trampoline. If, however, you expect it to go right, your expectations will be fulfilled beyond your wildest dreams. Could it be you secretly fear that what you are about to attempt will end in failure? Remember: if you think that way, it probably will.

That depends on two things: the right time and the right attitude. You can sense in your bones that the time is almost right but that is no good if your attitude is wrong.

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Only a Virgo could fear success. Any sentimental value it has is not enough to keep it going. The Sun close to Neptune means a hard decision must be made. It may be the right decision but that will not make it easier. Nothing in life stands still for long; change is the natural order of things.

Either you move with the times this week or get swept along regardless.