Leo horoscope for january 8

What does spirituality mean to you, Taurus? Think about your path of the heart. Monday starts an intimacy and passion chapter when Venus helps you find partners who give you the depth you crave. Could it be a pal? Give them a try! Friendship made your new year so special.

On Sunday, think about what working for this means to you. Romance is a skill, after all. Changes are coming to your career, Cancer!


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Whether you want to climb up or leave, tell the universe, then do your part to make it happen. Venus helps on Monday when it inspires you to show your creative skills and vulnerabilities. You know the truth, Virgo, so what are you going to do with it? Venus beautifies your family and emotionality sector on Monday, helping you show your tenderness.

Don't make up stories in your head, Scorpio!

Leo Daily Horoscope

Venus boosts your income and confidence on Monday, helping ease financial stress. On Sunday, make decisions based on what you cherish. It's never easy, but stay comfortable with being uncomfortable, Sag. Venus enters your sign on Monday, magnetizing amazing opportunities in love and money. Enjoy it allβ€”you deserve it! Spend time tending to your home on Sunday. A little winter cleaning could help in wonderful ways! Happy birthday, Capricorn!

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Venus helps give you the closure or healing you need on Monday. A little spiritual seeking will go a long way toward these efforts. Life will warm up soon, don't worry. Being an individual is lonely sometimes, isn't it? But right now, running along with the pack doesn't feel right, either. You may have to resign yourself to feeling a little isolated as you take a stand on some issue that's important to you, or pursue a project that's close to your heart.

Has the world gone just a wee bit crazy today?

Leo Weekly Astrology Forecast 8th January 2018

Well, no -- but people certainly are saying and doing some unusual things. And that just tests your sense of what's right and proper! But maybe there's a method to everyone's madness. After all, forward movement in any area of life tends to come from revolutionary thinking and groundbreaking acts. And wouldn't you like to be in on a movement like that? You're a people-person by nature. Many times, that means attending parties, gallery openings and other events.

You have a lot of fun being social.

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But today, be social with a purpose. Do some networking, especially if you're trying to get others involved in a cause that's near and dear to your heart. You can really communicate how much this issue means to you, and all your creative ideas for tackling it. If an opportunity comes today to work with other people rather than alone, take it.

You may feel resistant to going with the crowd. You have your own ideas, after all. Maybe you're afraid of giving all your secrets away.

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And if others won't follow your lead, you're perfectly willing to go it alone. Go ahead and disclose your genius ideas. Do it for the good of the group. Your inner reformer comes out to play today. Even if you're working hard on something, it's still entertaining. You're just having so much fun! Using your mind in complicated and interesting ways is the best kind of mental workout.

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You love challenging yourself in this way. If you're stuck for ideas, brainstorm with friends or coworkers. The only criteria now is that you entertain the uncommon, the unconventional and the unfamiliar. An especially sharp mind joins forces today with your usual commitment to hard work. As you tackle projects and problems, don't shy away from untested ideas. An experimental approach could work out much better than a traditional one.

And you're practical enough to know that 'tried and true' isn't always the highest recommendation. On days like this one, it's more important to seek out what works, even if it's an unusual method. Claiming your independence is a priority today. You'll shy away from anything or anyone who would limit your self-expression or individuality.

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Of course, this could cause problems with your employer or your sweetheart -- you know, those people who are invested in having you as a member of their team! And that's a good thing, right? People may not seem quite as warm as you'd prefer, but don't take that to heart.

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