Leo moon love horoscope

Time to plant the seeds of new beginnings in love, now.

Moon Signs: Moon in Leo

With the New Moon in Leo working your fifth house of pleasures as August opens up, Aries, you are expected to be planting some exciting seeds of new beginnings in romance. This is the playful, nostalgic type of romance that feels like a honeymoon phase. You can have this no matter what your relationship status is now, just stay breezy. Have fun. Bring back that inner child. The New Moon in Leo is beckoning fun, and nothing else, but keep it in the light to optimize those romantic blessings. What are your New Moon wishes in love, Aries?

The New Moon in Leo is in your fourth house of foundations and home , Taurus, and this is your home base. This can go way back to your roots and legacy, or could actually refer to your actual home. You are going to have more romance by staying in tonight than going out. Stroke the pleasure centers starting from the domestic zones. Focus on the family. You may see some new beginnings on the family front, and this can even include a pregnancy, or moving in with someone special and finally taking that step of a new beginning.

The air is alive with this spark of your domestic center. What are your New Moon wishes in love, Taurus?

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The New Moon in Gemini is working your third house of communication, and this means that you are really feeling like you need to let some words out. This is true whether you are single or attached. Be careful here, Gemini, and think things through. Use feelings words, and mean it. The real you that is in the light and aligned with karma is pretty awesome. Show it!

Use your feelings words. Your ruler Mercury awakes from retrograde as well. Use it or lose it, baby! What are your New Moon wishes in love, Gemini? This is often a money house, but it also is a house of confidence and self-esteem, because too often we tie our Egos up in our wallet. Release that for a second and just show your lover the real you. When you open up to that person you care about, single or attached, under this New Moon you can make some incredible miracle producing wishes.

Being vulnerable is sexy right now. Let that self-confidence soar and you plant some very romantic seeds of new beginnings. What are your New Moon wishes in love, Cancer?

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The New Moon in your sign, Leo, is also working your first house of self. This means that you have both the Sun and the Moon shining on who you are as a person right now. That means you should be feeling on top of the world. You in your sign wants you to start something really new and exciting now. What new beginning in love do you want? Go for it now. The New Moon is your romantic oyster. What are your New Moon wishes in love, Leo? The New Moon is working this twelfth house as well, and so you are creating endings while also setting up some exciting new beginnings.

Look for ways to be fresh and inspired under this New Moon. But sometimes, a little downtime is a new beginning as well. Take a time out if you need one, Virgo, and answers from that twelfth house guardian angel will arrive. What are your New Moon wishes in love, Virgo? The social scene is your wheelhouse right now, Libra, and the New Moon in Leo can certainly help you tap right into that.

This New Moon in Leo is working your eleventh house of groups and friendships, and this is lighting a little spark in you when it comes to love. Groups and networking will help you in romance, no matter what your relationship status is right now.

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If you are attached, get out and mingle with your partner with friends. Have more friends over, or hit the festivals with your besties. Oddly romantic magic happens in the Summer when socializing. And if you are single, do the same! Amp up that social network profile and start filling it with that awesome life of yours. What are your New Moon wishes in love, Libra? You may have a lot of work on your mind over the opening of August, Scorpio , as the New Moon in Leo is working your tenth house of career destiny and public image.

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But even though this is largely a career house, it is also your house of reputation. You may be undergoing some good karma now with the New Moon in Leo in your reputation house.

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You are being seen for exactly what you are now, or be seeing some just desserts in love. Being with someone that is high in status may also be on the romantic agenda. Put yourself out there if you are single, or treat your lover like a superhero if you are not. You will see that New Moon in Leo create a sparkle that lasts.

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  5. The Full Moon in Leo brings a good balance to the depersonalized energy of the Aquarius sign. Most of us already know about our Sun sign which represents the person we show to the world. If the Sun is our outer personality, then the Moon is our inner personality -- our emotions, and the things we need to feel comfortable and secure. It can also give us insight into our moon sign compatibility in our romantic relationships. Leo is a Fire sign, and like the mid-summer Sun, it gives light and warmth to everything it shines down on.

    Fiercely loyal, this is the sign of intention and following through. This is true at work, in friendships, and especially in matters of the heart. A Leo in love is a dedicated partner, and will have no problem letting their significant other -- and the world -- know how they feel.


    Leo Moon Sign Compatibility

    But just as they give to others, Leos expect the same admiration and devotion in return. Leos are kids at heart! This sign is known for its playful and almost childlike nature, making them a true joy to be around. Arguably the most generous of all the zodiac signs, this Lion would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it.

    Find out how your Moon sign impacts your relationships in this free sample of the Personal Moon Astrology Report.