Bandhana yoga in horoscope

In Navamsha his Sun the 10 th lord which denotes status, credibility, profession is debilitated. Sudden upheaval of 8 th house Aries trapped him in legal issues and took him away from life of stardom. From Moon Chart too his 12 th and 6 th lord are in conjunction sitting in 4 th house of mental peace or family life.

Bandhana Yoga

So that core 6 th th conjunction took a tool in his life. When ever Mars gets debilitated, it shoots the pressure high.

  • Bandhana Yoga in Vedic Astrology.
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  • Main indicators for Bandhana Yoga are Rahu, Saturn, and Mars.?

Rahu-Ketu was in his axis hence transit Ketu was in conjunction with Natal fortune house lord Moon. Vastav Actor Sanjay Dutt was going through Rahu-Ven-Rahu period which triggered his 12 th house of Jail, in April when he was arrested for the first time. I feel he would be able to escape all such engagement in his life if he would be settled in foreign land, as there were much activation of 12 th house in life and it was not getting used that way.

Bandhana yoga

Series of Dasha was also not favorable for him, after his arrest his Jupiter Mahadasha started and Jupiter is placed in 12 th house again activated his 12 th house. Jupiter is in its own nakshatra Vishakha and we all know how Vishakha is cunning and shrewd at times. Hence he ended up ruining his own life. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, which expanded the already activated negativity of his 12 th house more and more after his arrest. Sanjay Dutt committed the crime in Rahu-Venus period and the punishment has come in Jupiter-Venus July period.

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So all the way we can mark this Venus who worked as real malefic in his life. This how charts are analyzed and remedies are given in vedic Astrology. All the remedies given to native as very simple in form of Daily Japa Daily Chanting of Mantra which will only take about 30 mins per day but the results will be huge. Akshat Pandey, belongs to a brahim family from Prayagraj, India. His approach to vedic astrology is very modern one, as he wants to imbibe vedic knowledge in our modern lifestyle.

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View all posts by Akshat Pandey. With due respect, the one belonging to this horoscope could have born in and as per his moon position, he should have been left with 12 years and 4 months of sukra dasa at birth. Proceeding from there, he should be running his Rahu dasa now.

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How come you have mentioned Sani maha dasa having its effect on him as it will be coming to play after atleast say 20 years or so. Like Like. Sir Salutations to the divine. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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    Bandhana Yoga Causes Jail - How Bandhana Yoga Might Get You Jailed?

    Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. February 7, July 17, Ganesh Mantra: A very powerful mantra of Ganesh was prescribed to native, to destroy the Bhadhak and earn the lost reputation back. Lord Ganesh removes all obstacles.

    Guru Jupiter : Since Jupiter is the most benefic planet and it protects the native a mantra of Guru was give to native with its gemstone so that the Jupiter in lagna does not lose its strength due to transits of Malefic planets. A gemstone and Gayatri mantra was sufficient. Saturn and Mars: All the ill effects of saturn and mars were partially treated by Ganesh mantra only and for the remaining a certain very powerful kavach of Hanuman was prescribe.

    Bhandhana Yoga: Only Lord Krishna has the strength to cut all bondages and free all souls.