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This is a good time for getting your own way or seeking favours. Right now a romance that will blow your hat off is coming your way. Every mistake is another forward focus. All communication is either a loving response or a cry for help.

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Time to take your power, someone you already know thinks you are fantastic. Emotional overtones tend to offset a rational approach in almost all areas of your life. Jupiter is giving your sign special privilege. This is make your mind up time.

You are free to create whatever is meaningful to you. Decisions shape your destiny, you must think positively about planning for the future. Try a change of style. Anything started this week has a more than average chance of being successful. Your health and your diet will have to be taken seriously. A financial anxiety must be aired before the situation becomes even more complex. Give up your need to be needed. When love is on the agenda the planet Jupiter is famous for bringing new people to visit you. Read more: Two in five vow to get fit in New Year.

This is not your week for feeling down in the dumps. Be careful to avoid compromising, tricky situations. The message in the stars is a warning against words and deeds that restrict freedom. Perhaps because opportunity is imminent, and maybe totally unexpected. Keep commitment to any future activities to a minimum. Refuse to let your heart over-rule your head when it comes to dealing with money. You have entered the-what about-ME period in your life. Get ready this new year to adapt to increasing developments that are set to alter your routine. Your stubborn streak could undermine you, so be warned.

Indications from your ruling planet point to a forgotten romance ready to enter your life, with very interesting results. You have an emotional decision to make this week, The first thing to do is take care of Number One. You should treat privacy as a lucky break today, giving you a chance to catch up on life. Where matters of the heart are concerned, life brightens considerably.

From a loving point of view you want it all in a relationship.


The focus is on construction, formation and solidity. Avoid misunderstandings.

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Go where the stars lead you. If someone tries to make you lose your temper take a long, deep breath and refuse to be hassled. This could be the most interesting year you have had in a very long time. There is a tremendous accent on romantic affairs from tomorrow onwards. A partnership is likely to come to a head this year and it demands all your tact and understanding. Read more: Book in for January with free, classic reads. Opportunities come to those who are willing to take the risk.

Pay your bills and count your blessings. You are learning an important lesson.

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You only get one crack at this life. Make the most of it. Personal relationships are flourishing. You are moving closer to becoming the person you are meant to be. Where finance is concerned, you are getting on the right track at long last. There is much to suggest that your fortunes are on the up. This new year the focus is on money, so budget carefully.

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Secrets will come out, by design or accident. Respect privacy.

Follow your instincts for romantic ideas. Now is the time of renewal. The past is over and done and has no power over you. The moments when you make decisions are when your destiny is shaped. You can reform your life in a major way by rejecting an outworn pattern. This year could be make or break for you, regardless of your status. Mercury and Venus begin rolling into your house of Love. Venus augurs well for romantic affairs and close personal relationships. One person with a belief is equal to 99 who only have interests. At last you are realising that everything has its price.

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